San Diego, Calif.- California may be considered a one-party state, but within its chambers are some legislators who don’t take marching orders from either party’s leadership.

And they’re effective.

Below, we take a look at 8 of California’s most independent-minded legislators, and why the Democratic Party is hoping that a “blue wave” crashes on some of their seats:

Blanca Rubio, 48th Assembly District (D)
Looking at Blanca Rubio’s voting record, you’d think she wouldn’t be in the Dems crosshairs.

100% Planned Parenthood, 100% Equality California and 83% League of Conservation Voters.

But Rubio is a strong independent thinker who has reached out to many conservative groups in her district promising a more collaborative approach in an otherwise divisive political atmosphere. Her high business marks has earned her praise from the Governor’s office where Gov. Brown passed all six of her bills in Rubio’s first year of the Assembly.

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