On Labor Day, we celebrate workers and their families. Our past, present and our future success is based on their hard work.

Workers should have their rights protected, and opportunities should be available to all. Jobs allow us to take care of our families, keep our children healthy and help our neighborhoods thrive.

In the San Gabriel Valley, the rungs of economic opportunity with businesses like MillerCoors, Ready Pac and In-N-Out Burger help our workforce learn the skills they need as they climb the ladder with good paying jobs. 

But we need to do more. While our economy is doing well, some Californians are still being left behind, struggling from paycheck to paycheck. Cost of living is rising, and wages are stagnant. We need to fund training programs, make it easier for our businesses to hire and expand, ensure that workers receive fair pay and protect the middle class.

Let’s make that this year’s Labor Day pledge.