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Focusing on Early Childhood Education

A bill sponsored by Assemblywoman Rubio, AB 167, would expand the Early Head Start program and provide center and home-based care for 20,000 more infants and toddlers younger than 3 years old.

The New Political Power Brokers in the San Gabriel Valley

“Those are two of the new power brokers in L.A. County,” said Alan Clayton, a Democratic redistricting expert who has worked to elect Latino candidates but wasn’t involved in the Rubios’ campaigns. “Because they’re a [...]

Early Child Mental Health Services Deliver Critical Help

Recent California legislation, written by Assemblywoman Rubio, increased funding for a preschool or child care center if they provide early childhood mental health consultation services. By Jackie Mader, The Hechinger Report This story about early childhood [...]

Video: From Mexican Border to California’s Capital

Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio's amazing path to become a California legislator chronicled in a first TV segment.