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‘We are Trump’s worst nightmare:’ Two sisters at California’s Capitol

BY BRYAN ANDERSON, Sacramento Bee When one went into teaching, the other followed suit. When one went to East Los Angeles College, the other did as well. They’ve been practically inseparable for much of their [...]

Latinas de Los Ángeles serán las primeras hermanas en la legislatura de California

Araceli Martínez Ortega, La Opinión Por primera vez en la historia de California, habrá dos hermanas en la legislatura estatal, Blanca y Susan Rubio. Son latinas, inmigrantes mexicanas, residentes de Baldwin Park en el condado [...]

Party Crashers: California’s 8 Most Independent Legislators

San Diego, Calif.- California may be considered a one-party state, but within its chambers are some legislators who don’t take marching orders from either party’s leadership. And they’re effective. Below, we take a look at [...]